Stonehenge, Castlerigg, Brodgar

Here are some favorite photos from the Neolithic stone circles of England and Orkney, visited in the last few years:

Stonehenge, in Wiltshire
Castlerigg Stone Circle, in Cumbria, the Lakes District
The Ring of Brodgar, in Orkney

As the archaeologists will tell you, these circles of standing stones were intentionally placed in an already sacred landscape, hence the photos of Stonehenge sitting in its huge surroundings; the views of Castlerigg impossible without the Cumbrian mountains around it; and Brodgar’s placement between two lochs of fresh and saltwater, and sitting in a beautiful sea of blazing heather. 


Stonehenge, September 2012






Castlerigg Stone Circle (The Lakes), March 2014






Ring of Brodgar (Orkney), September 2015