Joyce & Proust Meet

7 thoughts on “Joyce & Proust Meet”

  1. Loved that these two greats may have moaned about their health. Mirrors the conversations I’ve had with (less great) writer friends about whose back/arms/shoulders ache the most


  2. I’d have given my right arm to have Joyce stick around for the chance to have a conversation with me.


  3. I really enjoyed reading about this encounter. Totally not what I expected. The romantic idealization versus reality. Actually quite humorous. With all that, Joyce did attend Proust’s funeral.


  4. Nice post Tim,
    It is good to see some of the more weighed comments by Ellmann rather than the usual stereotypical recounting by people who may or may not have heard or remembered.
    Ellmann also cites Arthur Power’s interview where Joyce stated:

    “Proust was the best of the modern French writers, had enlarged the vocabulary of the subconscious, had created a living style … like a river which takes colour and texture of different regions through which it flows. The so-called classical style has a fixed rhythm and a fixed mood which make it an almost mechanical device. Proust’s style conveys that almost imperceptible but relentless erosion of time. . .”

    Finnegans Wake, written after Proust’s death, is shot through and through with Proustian references and also provides insight into Joyce’s views of Prouts:


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