Bearing the Names of Many

Bearing the Names of Many is a short novel comprised of forty-three diary entries, and videos for each will be posted below as they are made. (Two more have been added today, 11/21)

The novel is written somewhere in America a few months or a few years from now, as an unnamed narrator watches the world go under, and descend into nuclear war. As he notes, the billions killed, as well as those who survive, are unlikely to ever know the specifics of the larger conflict, and so he assumes that the real horror of destruction is not in those larger events, but rather in the simplicity of one life, and the lives that he observes.

Each entry stands on its own, so there is nothing lost in posting (or seeing them) out of order. You can also subscribe to the Youtube channel for the book and receive updates, and bookmark the Playlist, which will play all entries in order as they are added.


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